Looking for jobs for over 50? Wanting a career change when you’re over 50 can be intimidating. Going into a job interview and seeing all of the candidates are half your age and sat on their phones, up to date on the latest technology is pretty disheartening. But don’t let that stop you from getting yourself into a job that you love! It’s never too late to change careers.

If anything, it’s a good time for the over 50’s. The government is embracing the skills and economic potential of the older generation. They are actively supporting training programmes and apprenticeships for the over-50’s. Keep reading to find out a few tips on how you can bag yourself your next dream job!

Jobs for over 50 with no degree

Of course, finding jobs for over 50 comes with a few unfair hurdles.

Ageism, sexism and anything else ism can still be present in the business world today (do not let this go unnoticed if you experience this in ANY organisation!) Throw this in with feeling at a disadvantage without a degree under your educational belt and you’re probably near enough ready to give up. HOWEVER, don’t give up yet… there are actually plenty of fields of work and jobs for over 50’s with no degree! Take a look at some of them below:

  • Fitness trainer or yoga instructor
  • Freelance writer
  • Consultant
  • Journalist
  • Event planner
  • Executive assistant
  • Sales manager
  • Library assistant
  • Chef
  • Office clerk
  • independent contractor
  • HR manager
  • Pet sitter
  • Virtual assistant (Take a look at our previous blog post ***)
  • Non-profit fundraiser
  • Transcriber

As we can see there are many different avenues to go down. These are jobs that don’t necessarily require a degree to enter. Leverage your experience and career history in interviews or consider taking up classes online or at your local university. There are plenty of options and avenues to advance your current education.

Jobs for over 50 with no experience 

But what if I want a job in a completely different sector and I have ZERO experience? 

Of course, we can often look at a job description and our own skill set and instantly think ‘nope, I don’t have those skills’. Take working as a teacher and wanting to become a HR manager for example. Two completely different sectors but so many interchangeable skills! Within HR, organisation is key and strong time management skills are essential. A skill that is also super important in a teacher’s daily life. This is how they optimise students learning and get the most out each lesson.

Also, don’t forget all of the skills you have learnt through hobbies or just general life experience! Whether you enjoy a spot of gardening, up-cycling old furniture or you’re a gym junkie, talk yourself up in the interview, tell them what you CAN do, tell them what you’re passionate about! Alongside this, some companies are wanting fresh new eyes, someone who hasn’t been in the industry for their whole adult lives. You never know, your lack of ‘experience’ could actually be what gets you your dream job!


Returnships are a relatively new concept on the business scene. These are a great way of getting back into work after a career break and work relatively similar to an internship. An internship is of course aimed at people first starting their career, they offer supportive employers, and are a paid way of gaining knowledge and skills in a specific career field. Returnships offer something very similar but are aimed at people who may have had 2+ years away from their careers for one reason or another. 

These are perfect ways to get back into your field of work, as it gives you chance to get back up to speed with the current technology and the ever changing working environment. 

Do’s and Dont’s

Have a relevant CV

So, first things first, your CV should be no longer than a double sided A4 sheet. Choose your experience wisely and tailor it to the jobs you are applying to. Making your CV relevant to each job you apply for will help you to stand out against the other candidates. 

As well as giving your CV a tweak, make sure your CV looks good, giving it a little extra pizazz, don’t go Louis Spence Pizazz, just a little to spice up your look. 

Use age to your advantage  

Age can and should be used to your advantage. It shows experience and with age comes dedication, knowledge, promptness, time management, organisation, resilience, a strong work ethic and the list goes on. Don’t forget your knowledge and experience could also be used for training up younger staff too. Showing the skills that you have acquired over the years may really push an employer to choose you. 

Also, something a little cheeky… don’t put your date of birth on your CV, not even your school dates are needed… let your employer guess your age.

It’s not what you know, It’s WHO you know… 

Often these words can ring true, contacts that you have met over years of networking, LinkedIn and Facebook stalking are about to come in handy. Reaching out to former employers/colleagues/school friends, although could feel a little awkward, may really help you broaden your contacts further. Be bold in who you contact too. Found a company you like the look of? Research the heck out of it and contact the gaffer themselves (luckily LinkedIn has made this pretty easy to do), express your interest and ask to meet them for an informal chat. Whether you just gain another contact or bag yourself an interview or maybe even a job, it’s worth the shot!

Think long term career 

Also on this note, don’t be afraid to think temporary as well as permanent. Look for temporary work in an organisation you’d like to have a permanent position at and use this time in a company to show them how valuable you are as an employee and bag yourself a full time role.

Don’t be too sassy

Probably an obvious one, but this may actually be a difficult one. Being interviewed by someone that’s half your age, it may be difficult to not go in with the mindset of “come on, I’ve done this before you were born”. Or “You shouldn’t be doing it that way, I’ve done it better”. Focus on getting the job first, then maybe approach your line manager with ideas and better methods, don’t piss anyone off too early!

So, I hope our tips and tricks have been helpful and can give you that little more confidence in the pursuit of your next dream job, whether you’re 50 or 81… Go and get’em!

If you find any jobs for over 50 or any thoughts on the topic please feel free to share them with us!

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