So, you want to make money and know that the mobile market has grown rapidly In fact, by the year 2021, the mobile app market is predicted to touch $188.9B worldwide. As a business that wants to create an app, there are a number of app ideas that you can try out. Today, I will look at the most successful app ideas in 2019.

App Idea #1 – Blockchain Tax App

When blockchain first came into existence, many people thought that it wouldn’t be successful, but history has said otherwise. People that want to manage their expenses can do so using a Blockchain Tax App. 

This app is created to calculate the amount of tax that one is expected to pay, dependent on how much is earned. A great aspect of this is that it is made using blockchain platforms – these are notoriously easy to use.

App Idea #2 – A Restaurant Reservation App Wouldn’t Be A Bad Idea

People love food and are always on the hunt for the best local eateries. What does this mean? This app could be designed to offer a map of the best restaurants and pubs around. You could even incorporate booking functionality.

This would be fairly easy to launch as regionally targeted SEO growth is fairly easy. Partnerships with local restaurants can be gained by simply walking into the establishment and asking the owner.

Simple right?

App Idea #3 – Consider creating a local Food Delivery App

Following on with a similar theme, almost everything can be delivered, and one of the most in demand is FOOD! With this app, clients could easily find great meals with very little effort based on their needs. 

App Idea #4 – Creating A Health Inspector App Would Make Sense

Everyone is interested in their health, which should help make this app a hit. When they feel an intense headache, they want to know what could be wrong. I’m sure we all know someone that lives on WebMD!

The problem is, people tend to forget about their appointments. This app can remind users about their appointment dates. It would also be dedicated to letting the user know if the appointment has been shifted or not.

Want good app ideas for money? This should be fairly simple to grow, as again, you can target your local surgery first.

App Idea #5 – Truckloader App

We live in a world where products are continuously moved from one part to the other. Sometimes, suppliers may be looking for vehicles that can transport their goods, while the truckers are looking for those that they can transport their goods.

This is where this app comes into play. It allows you to know what trucks are available and in your location.

This is a great app idea to get started as it wouldn’t require a hugely complicated interface to be built.

App Idea #6 – Gifts App for Friends and Family Members

Christmas present Gift app

We live in a busy world. And like me, I bet you have trouble remembering all of your family and friends special events (Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries etc.)

The idea would be to change this with your app.

It would allow people to get gifts, by allowing retailers to offer their customers gift cards through your platform.

This is a great app idea for beginners.

App Idea #7 – Dating App

We have all used a dating app at one point or another. Whether we admit it or not. 

With this type of app, users can have their friends from other social networks imported. Users could easily rank their friends by liking, showing who they can date and so on. It could even hook others up for a match. This is one of the best app ideas around as it lends itself to organic growth.

App Idea #8 – Tours & Travels App

For a startup that is looking for app ideas, a quick idea could be a travel app. When people are in a foreign country, they want to know the best places to visit and stay. A travel app can save them from this hassle. This is one of the best app ideas for money as it almost entirely relies on your research, and once it is set up, requires little effort to upkeep.

The app should show them where restaurants, tourist spots, and so on are.

App Idea #9 – Rate new Apps

This type of app is dedicated to allowing new apps to be rated by users. What this means is that users will be able to rate new apps for money. It will work well on a blockchain platform, as the users will be paid with crypto currencies.

App Idea #10 – Police Scanner App

This app can help those that want to know if criminals are living among them. This app is dedicated to showing them when wanted criminals are in their area.

This will be seen as a database of crimes in a neighborhood that has been uploaded by the authorities and users. This app can be designed to allow users to contact the police when something criminal occurs near them.

App Idea #11 – Interior Designer Application

Are you looking for app ideas for beginners?

Are you really creative?

You could consider creating an app that is centered around interior design. This app would be designed for the user to take a picture of a room. After that, you could help the user with design alternatives. How will new painting, curtains or rugs look in a room? 

You could also tie in with local companies and push their products for commission. This could make the app free for users and support organic growth.

App Idea #12 – Blockchain Security Control

People want to live in a more secure environment. This is something that can be made possible by an IoT app. This app is dedicated to controlling the security systems of a home. With this, a homeowner can monitor their home remotely.

App Idea #13 – Mobile App For Readers

This could allow users to read materials across multiple e-readers. For example, when you buy a Kindle you can only read Kindle products. Your app could cover Kindle, Sony, Amazon etc. Making you the one stop shop for everything online.

App Idea #14 – Cloud Presentation App

If you’ve read my blog about how to give a speech, you’ll know that making a team presentation isn’t easy. This is where this app comes into play. 

The app stops you from using the conventional form of presentation, and instead ensures that the team collaborates through a cloud API. With this, the presentation can be designed online, and edits can be made together.

App Idea #15 – Car Parking App

No one likes looking for a parking space, especially during rush hour because it is a hellish experience. This app will alert users of those spots that are available around based on GPS. With this, it is easy for owners of cars to grab their spots.

App Idea #16 – Chatbots

Using machine learning allows one to easily build chatbots that can be highly efficient. You can offer chatbot hosting services for brands that need it.

App Idea #17 – Musician Hub Startup App

Bands and musicians tend to look for band members, and this isn’t an easy thing to do. Most currently using Facebook or similar social networking sites. This app allows bands to easily get new band members. You could also incorporate a feature that allows gigs to be booked.

App Idea #18 – Every Social Network In One Place

Similar to our e-reader idea, switching from one social media account to another is a pain. This is one reason this app could be successful. It combines social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on in one place!

App Idea #19 – Music Sharing

This app may seem like a normal music player, but it isn’t. It allows others to see what their friend is listening to. If they like the song, they can share their songs/playlists.

App Idea #20 – Holiday booking app

This could allow users that are booking holidays to collaborate. For example, when they are booking a group trip or a stag do. They can organize and communicate everything in one place!

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