Taking Risks: Fail Fast and Fail HARD

Take risks. Fail. Take risks. Fail. Take risks. Fail.

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Ok, maybe not that extreme but this is the way of success. All too often people will give up too early on their dreams. I have been there and I never want to go back. Taking risks is an uncomfortable feeling but I can assure you that it is one that improves over time.

Less than 5 years ago my time would be spent with worry over what could happen. What should happen. But all I really needed to care about in the end was what HAS happened.

“The past is the best indicator of future success”

And this holds true for everyone. It is incredibly rare that you will meet a successful entrepreneur, or a high flying business person and be told that they did it without failing. even once.

So Take Risks

Let’s take possibly one of the most famous entrepreneurs of our time Lord Alan sugar as an example. When he started in, he launched his first business selling car arials. Sugar then founded Amstrad (Alan Michael Sugar Trading) in 1968.

The question is, am I typing this on an Amstrad?

Are you reading this on an Amstrad?

NO! Because to become successful. And I mean truly successful. you need to accept failures.

The hardest part of of al of this is that it is relatively easy to fail, but to learn from it. That is truly the hardest part.

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What it means to fail

So what do we mean when we say FAIL. Obviously the objective must always be to succeed. But you are never going to be experienced in every aspect of what you do and your learnings come from what you are not good at.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again”?

This is, in essence, the point I am making.

It is incredibly important NOT to separate the levels of failure in your head. When you first sit in front of a grand piano, you don’t expect to master a symphony. Equally, when you Endeavour to create a business, you aren’t going to be able to create the next BrewDog or Uber in your first week!

What’s strange though, is that nobody beats themselves up about not being able to play an instrument they’ve never played. But everyone feels that pit in the bottom of their stomach when the traffic doesn’t instantly flow to your site. Or when sales don’t flood in the second you hit ‘Publish’ on your site.

So, accept that everything takes time to grow. And remember to accept Failure!

The definition of Luck

The Roman philosopher Seneca once said:

“Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity”

I live my life by this mantra as it permeates throughout everything you will ever do. The preparation part is important, as this is where the hard work is put in. You can spend the time learning a new skill, building a website or growing your consultancy business.

The opportunity part is almost as important. This where the magic happens. If you can play the guitar like Slash and you are talking to a theater producer – you have a skill to sell. If you have a website with high traffic and meet a buyer, you have a website to sell. If you are growing your consultancy business and meet a team that plans exhibitions – you have the opportunity to talk at an event.

The beauty is, you can only become successful if BOTH of these criteria are met. Remember:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”

Risk of Rejection

Have you ever been rejected?

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Of course you have! Everyone has. And it’s really easy. The problem is that it hurts. Like a deep cramp or a knife to the chest. Rejection is universally hated. So make it your super power. NOT your Kryptonite.

I’ll be honest, I’m not crazy, I certainly don’t enjoy rejection. But you need to get through the “no’s” before you get to the “yes”. I’ll put it another way….

Would you go through 1000 rejections, just to get 1 single “yes” from the woman/man of your dreams? This is exactly the same for business.

My business partner and I regularly joke that if we ever wrote a book it would be called “No”. Some of our biggest opportunities to date have rejected us 3+ times previously. But persistency pays off. I really mean it. Don’t accept no. Because you may only ever be one more ‘no’ away from a ‘yes’.

It’s never too early to launch

What does all of this mean? And why am I bothering to write my thoughts on it?

The reason is because I am passionate about taking action. And I mean RIGHT NOW.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will have noticed that I am a big fan of doing stuff immediately. This is the way of the doers in the world. The way of the successful.

Example – Making Money Online

I got a call from a long standing friend of mine yesterday. He is a very successful entrepreneur with a Personal Training Studio, Clothing line and very large client base.

He wanted to discuss his latest business idea to add another income stream. (If you would like to learn to do this yourself, visit my blog on making money)

  • He decided to launch an eBay store and visit car-boot sales every week
  • He purchases anything: Teddies, Lighters, Toys etc.
  • He then lists them on eBay
  • And sells them for 1000%+ Markup

I mean, he is buying this stuff at 21p and selling it at £8 + Postage.

He’s being doing it at weekends for 7 weeks now and here is a screenshot of how he is doing.

7 week ebay results

What’s the point?

The point is that he made a decision and then did it immediately. He is now making a solid income with his weekends. And doesn’t need to answer to anyone for it.

It is cheap, easy and effective.

If you have got to this point in the blog, you clearly want to make a change. You are the type of person that wants to take a risk. So get off your *rse and go and do it.

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