If you’re reading this post you are likely asking yourself one of the following questions. “I need money right now, how can I make some fast cash?” or even “I want to make money in the long term, but I just need some to start right away. Money makes money right?”.

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If this is you, then you have come to the right place. Making money is a game, and you can win! You only have to know where to go, what to do and most importantly, how to grow your income over time.

I have started many companies, in many different fields and I can tell you that you DO NOT need to be an expert to make money. Vast quantities of cash are not reserved for only the elite in society. Many of the millionaires and billionaires today, were not born rich. The likes of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Bill Gates – had to go out and get it!

And you can too…

I need money fast

Ok, so first of all you want to make money right away. This is a healthy goal to have and one that isn’t too hard to achieve. I will break this article down into 3 sections. The first will teach you how to make fast money. These will be easy techniques that you can employ today, to make money now! They wont be pretty, and they will be hard work. But you can do them immediately.

The second part, will be how to make money in the long run. This will be the area in which you will learn how to make long term wealth. You will learn my proven strategies and techniques employed by the elite in society to grow serious long term wealth.

And finally, I will teach you how to save the wealth you have created. You will learn how to distribute your cash evenly across your accounts and how to invest it wisely.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it…

Lets go make some money

Fast Cash: And how to make it

There are a number of ways you can make money fast. None of them are going to make you millionaires, but they are all accessible right now. And for most of them, you won’t even need to leave the house.

Over the past ten years, telecommuting, i.e. home office jobs, have really boomed. In fact, work from home jobs are fast becoming a trend as the internet expands. Gone are the days where you had to wake up 5AM daily to get to work and wade through traffic to get home at 9; only to do it all over again the next day.

The world of business is increasingly evolving into a network of virtual employees. You can work from home for a company that is far across the other side of the world and get paid in cool sums. Here is a list of the best work-from home jobs that you can start today:

Make fast cash Option #1: Paid Surveys

This is by far the fastest way of making money online. There are literally hundreds of market research companies looking for people like you now. They rely on you to to share your opinion on websites, products and even the latest new articles.

The best part? In return, you will get paid! To maximise the amount you can earn, sign up to as many of these sites as possible.

However, a quick note of caution: Lot’s of these sites aren’t 100% legitimate. This means that they won’t ever pay out. Below are a few examples of safe sites:

Make fast cash Option #2: Affiliate Marketing

This is a super fast way to make money. The speed at which affiliate marketing has blown up across the globe is impressive. The increasing demand for services (and products) has enabled millions of people to earn a commission when they refer customers to a business.

What this means is that you can earn money whilst you sleep! A good place to start is at Amazon. You will get a commission every time a customer buys something on Amazon through your affiliate link. The easiest way to start out is selling to family and friends, posting on your social media channels.

Make fast cash Option #3: Copywriting and Proofreading

If you are like me and love writing, then a copywriting gig is definitely for you. Currently online, content marketing is the biggest form of marketing on the internet.

It’s actually pretty simple to start your freelance career in todays climate. The fast rise of sites such as Fiverr and Upwork mean that you can grow your revenue pretty fast. By writing blog posts, articles, business copies or e-books on these site you can combine it with some editing and proofreading skills, and you’ll earn money in no time.

Make fast cash Option #4: Virtual Assistant

Think of a virtual assistant like a secretary, but based from home! All you have to do is take on your client’s office duties like replying to emails, answering calls, entering data, scheduling meetings and social media posting.

It is fairly straightforward to get started and pays between £11-£30 per hour! All you need to do to start making money is to submit your CV to an agency. This is by far the easiest method of starting out because this allows you to reduce your upfront risk. you wont need to find the clients yourself as the agency will provide it all for you from day 1.

Examples of agencies I have used before include: Time ETC, Virtual Employee and Moneypenny.

Making money in the longer term

So you know how to make money quickly. Let’s look at ways to increase your net worth by generating some real long term wealth. These are the strategies that everyone from the super wealthy to the lowest income bracket can employ. And if managed properly, they can and will improve make you money.

But what is their secret? What do ALL self made millionaires have in common?!

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They have passive income!

This is your secret weapon.

This is how you are going to build your bank account and become a member of the 2 comma club.

So what is passive income? I hear you ask… Passive income is making money in your sleep. Passive income is doing VERY LITTLE and making a LOT. If this sounds too good to be true, then read on. Because I’m going to tell you how to get it.

Most people work their entire lives in a job they tolerate, only to retire at 65 with the pension they have built over their 40+ years working for someone else. You don’t want this to be you. And you have the power to change it.

“Living the same day over and over again for 65 years until you die is not LIVING” #MakingMoney

Passive Income Step #1

The first step in the process is to understand that multiple streams of income are the sure fire fastest way to increase the amount of money you make. You need to search for ways of making money that – once set up – can make you money whilst you sleep.

Good examples of these include house rentals. The aim here is to work HARD and build up enough capital for a house deposit. Another option is to pull some friends together to help build the deposit for your first investment. You can then mortgage the house in one of two ways to make money.

The first if these is to mortgage the property on a repayment mortgage. You then pull in a tenant and charge them a little over the monthly costs. This means that over the years your tenant will be paying your mortgage off! You will essentially have a free property within 25 years.

The second option is to generate a residual income from the property – using it as a cash cow. This method involves mortgaging the property on an interest only basis. This way, you will never pay off the mortgage, however your monthly payments are much lower. The extra money you earn from the rent can then be better used as a second form of income.

The best bit, once it’s set up – its VERY little effort!

Passive Income Step #2

The second step in the process is to build MULTIPLE streams. You can grow many income streams similar to the aforementioned method by simply; adding more properties, blogging, writing for others (and then outsourcing) etc.

The basic point here is that, although each one individually may only pull in a few hundred quid. Together, their earning power is huge!

What do I do now I’m earning money?

This is the fun part. And I really mean it. You might think that you will return home to sit on your throne of cash. Or perhaps that everything feeds into a single bank account so that you can spend your days daydreaming about your new Yacht.

The reality is that you need to become very clever with how you save and spend your money. The method I use is heavily based on one of my favorite books by Rob Moore called “Money”. In it he outlines his methods of managing money in a very accessible way.

He outlines that he aims to save 50-70% of your wages every month! Even if you have to start small, you can grow from there. I personally set up a different savings account and have a rule never to touch it. This prevents frivolous spend.

Invest in yourself

Ok, this is my big secret. And the strangest part. People will actually comment on it. Another massive factor in your future success will be how much you have invested in yourself.

This doesn’t have to be financial, it can be a time investment. But anything that furthers your technical or emotional skills WILL improve you and have a direct impact on your wealth.

As an example, I always struggled to learn French. I did ok in school but tried to continue my education into adulthood. I struggled to stay motivated using podcasts and apps. Until one day I said “F*ck It”. I made the decision to hire a private tutor once a week, so that I HAD TO go and had no excuse for not studying.

Think about it, and I mean really think about it… This cost me £18 per lesson. If we take away holidays and assume 46 weeks in a year, this is equal to £828 per year. What’s better is that because you pay it weekly it doesn’t feel like a huge expense.

1.5 years later, £1242 spent and I was fluent in French. Now that was an investment!

How to make money fast – Quick Tips

Throughout this article we’ve learned many things:

  1. How to make fast cash
  2. Making money in the long term
  3. Growing passive income streams
  4. Saving and Investing in yourself

Read it, print it, digest it, do whatever you want to it. But the single most important thing you can do right now is to go and TAKE ACTION. Not tomorrow, not in a few hours, do it immediately. Your future self will thank you.

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